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I'm emotional
not because I'm a woman
and it's not because I'm a sissy
it's just that somethings go deeper.

Now I'm on the rooftop
one step closer to the fall
everything is pushing me
I don't even want to jump
I have done things wrong
but who could say they haven't done?
At least I'm not the meanest of all.

They say a mothers love is all you always have
but I can't remember the feeling since I'm a child
she hates us so much for being the child's she never wanted to have.

Even when I don't want it to hurt
she is still my mom
her words go deeper
the pain grows stronger
my hate for her grows
and I'm one step closer to the fall.
My brother heard my mom this morning say that she didn't wanted us. We are ungrateful and we don't behave. She just wants to grab her things and go somewhere far away. This is from last night, after she yelled at us for asking for a minute before we showed her something. Why is she always mad at us? What's wrong with us? We haven't done anything, she is just crazy. Everyone tells us to take care of her, that we have to love her no matter what she does. Everyone knows her and they still asks us to be the sons she shouldn't have had. My brother doesn't want anything with her after this morning, no movies, no food. He wants her to go away, grab your bags, you don't work for us. And it's true, she doesn't work for the food we have. It's all my brother's and I money, all left by my father. And he doesn't want anything with that one persons who is always there to bring us down. And she still wonders why. 
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May 13, 2014


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