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my need to find you in a dream
to have you for as long as  it lasts
I feel the pain of being away

1.. 2.. 3... 4...

And I'm falling asleep
and my wishes become a kiss
my eyes see my room for the last time
I feel your body close to mine
but is not the first time I'm with you
you set me free
you make me feel in wonderland
I don't want to go back
when everything seems gray you come to me
bring back the smile to my lips
make me think about a kiss
drive me away from fear

5.. 6.. 7... 8...

your voice is in my head
telling me things only I would say
but it's all a secret
no one know what hides deep inside me
a need of something I can't have with you now
but I need to have it before I wake up
with this said
let me ask you for forgiveness
as I need you to be with now
while my dreams cover my eyes
take me back to wonderland
but this time
you are here


I feel you next to me
but I can't see you
I try to walk around this dark place
but I can't feel you
I don't want to drown in this darkness
I try to remember the sound of your voice
with my brain half asleep now
is like trying to remember the heat of your skin
I hear you far away from me
as I walk to find you
my dream becomes my wish
I have you for as long as it lasts
and I can do what I've wanted to do for some time


I touch your chest
I grab your arm
now we are face to face
my hand goes behind your neck
that way I can have you there
I can see your eyes looking at me
and now I can't see
your lips on mine is all that I feel
forever a kiss
never forget to come back for me
I'll be on my dreams
waiting forever here
as I've always been
zilzalisme Featured By Owner May 18, 2014
lovely, it is to dream...
LdeSouza Featured By Owner May 18, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I find it releasing 
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May 18, 2014


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