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It was dark, a dark night with no stars.
You could see nothing but smiles.
I crossed my fingers.
Waiting for that one bell, the last one of the day.

I was walking down the road on a place I did not know.
There were no cars, there was no light at all.
My shadow kept walking while I started to remember all the memories we shared. Nights spent only talking about games. We were friends, remember? Before you knew about me, I had already searched for you. While you talked to me, I learnt even more. Some times we played games of pasion and lust, but they were only games, and we never went to the real point. The part where I wanted you. I wanted your shadow, and all your light. I wanted the person that people left behind. You. Or was it I?. Was this another one of your games? Is this the final part? I was searching for the true you and only a mask I found.

I was mad at the beginning, but I went all the way down. I was already there. In front of your house. The only light I was hoping to see, the only light that meant more darkness than the deep sea. Standing out there, three steps before I could knock on your door. But it was so late... and I was so afraid.

The night passed, and not until the sunrise did I realized I had to make the first move, I had to get inside that room. Everything was covered in snow, and the landscape could be beautiful no more.

Then, that day, I became an intruder. You were still sleeping when I got to your room. Everything looked so peaceful... even you. Imagine now my surprise when I saw myself on the mirror. I was only a shadow of your light. A silent killer. A woman covered in pure black. The silence of that place made everything easy. I only needed one kiss, and you had a reason to tease me.

A few seconds passed, I waited for you to turn your back. But you never really did, you were just as afraid as me. I came closer to you, I took all my clothes off. Inside that room, filled with the first light of the sun, I was still a shadow, waiting for your love. I whispered in your ear... Will anyone hear? Those words you are even afraid to see. Your eyes started to move faster, your body started to be cold. I kissed you goodbye. My lips, finally on yours. That body, your body, was now mine, for me to do all the things we joked about. My love, the only one. I was a silent shadow in that room of light.

I was your silent killer.
And you were the only one.
zilzalisme Featured By Owner Feb 11, 2014
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February 10, 2014


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