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I fell in love with a man from another world
the way he wrote made my body fall
the words he used were made of pure gold
but one day that was all gone
he had a girlfriend that for him it was all
and he spoke to me again
with kind words that had no love
This man was all for me
I told him my secrets because I could trust him
and one day they broke up
as always, I tried to be there for him, as I've always tried to be
It doesn't matter that we are far apart
I will always care for you
It doesn't matter how far you want me now

I fell in love with a man from a far land
His voice could make my heart stop
He knew words to make me fall
Used them carefully so I wouldn't die
Word to word I fell in love
And the only thing that keeps me living is my thoughts
I'm free to have a mind
and this man took control of all I had
All my time belongs to him
But now I wish more than just words
I want lips to fall on
I live in a cloud where all your thoughts go
Waiting for me to find one of my own
One day I will be closer to you
and all the stars that keep our distance
will fall to the ground the same way I fell for you
Just hear me singing your name
I'm closer every day
I am afraid of you
a stranger form a far land
should never play with my lonely heart
But you don't know how I feel for you now
I sleep with the dream of kissing you now
zilzalisme Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
love it, its true and good.
LdeSouza Featured By Owner May 17, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I love too much sometimes 
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May 17, 2014


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